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maaliskuu 2017

What makes a truly great agency – client partnership?

A match made in heaven – that special someone who is always there just for you and gives care, no matter what – isn’t that what we all secretly dream of? No, it’s not online dating we’re talking about here, but business partnership.

Choosing a partner is by far one of the most crucial decisions in life to get right, also in business. And like a romantic relationship that starts off all hearts, roses and dreams, a business partnership can also turn into heartbreak, anger, lawsuits and bankruptcy.

And like love life, marketing your business effectively – especially digitally – has become very complex.

But how to avoid the drama that leaves couples dissatisfied and unhappy? How to write a love story that endures through good times and bad?

After two years of successful partnership between Huone and our advertising agency Don & Branco, we are happy to announce that we have found a soulmate from each other.

Here are some of our key insights to finding your agency partner for life:

1 Attractiveness

Yes, it is an appearance-centric world we live in, and attraction is the bix X factor in any relationship. Of course image is not everything, but you can immediately write off bad choices by the look-and-feel of their website and social media channels.

What does a credible agency look like in your opinion? What are the traits and qualities you are looking for in an ideal marketing partner? Trust your gut feeling.

2 Shared goals and values

A hot, award-winning agency and a dynamic, most-talked-about startup company might seem like a dream couple, but if they don’t share the same vision and values, you can not expect their relationship to last beyond the first campaign launch.

So, before committing, make sure you understand and respect each others needs and goals – both short and long term – and that the values and responsibilities are aligned to yours. Your chosen marketing partner should have the ability to become an integral partner of your own business – almost like a family member. In order to facilitate a harmonious relationship, you need an agency that’s easy to communicate and share ideas with.

3 Falling in love is easy, staying together is a decision

If the chemistry is based on mutual respect and energy, the vibe between you and your partner starts on the right foot.

But what happens when the spark fades and there’s a hurdle to overcome? The agency of your dreams did not bring you the promised Cannes Lion. And the hot unicorn startup client lost its attractiveness after an unsuccessful venture round. Time to ditch that sucker and start looking for a hotter, younger one?

Nope, that’s when the real work begins.

The agency who’s standing beside you knows your deadlines, your budget and your challenges, understands your cause prima. They’re right there, ready to roll up their sleeves and help you get the job done. But getting the best results out of your agency isn’t just about barking orders and letting them get on with it. You have to work together and resolve problems before they arise and grow ugly.

So, put your cards on the table, be realistic and roll up your sleeves, too. The best client-agency relationships take commitment from both sides.

4 Trust is the glue

With trust the relationship will survive those inevitable bumps in the road. Trust comes from regular, honest communication, and good communication starts with listening. Like the great stoic philosopher Epictetus said, ”We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Along with communication, transparency is another key element intertwined with trust. In a service business it’s important for the customers and clients to see how their partner gets the job done, how they measure their performance and what work is actually performed for the invoice.

Trust has to be earned, every day, again and again.


Think big together – a word from our client Huone

When choosing an advertising agency, we, as a young company looked for someone as dynamic as we see ourselves and who would be there for the long haul. Stays committed, focused and sees the endless possibilities when working with us towards our goals.

I believe that the secret ingredient for our successful cooperation has been our lean approach when planning and building completely new things together. We like to work fast and have very clear vision of our end products. We analyse our work all the time in order to create better services for our clients. And that’s where our cooperation is truly measured, when the work gets tough and things don’t go as planned. We have to keep our dialogue open and honest. Also the ability to take feedback is a crucial component, in order to maintain a good and sustainable relationship. But you must be as committed to the ’relationship’ as your partner is. We climb the mountain together.

Your marketing soulmate is out there, too. We promise!

Jaa Artikkeli
Don & Branco