Our selected work

Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village website functions as the main information channel for companies in the area. The web design brings the unique atmosphere of Fiskars online in a modern way, emphasising tranquility, design, traditional craftsmanship and nature.


The interface was designed to allow ongoing content creation to better introduce the entrepreneurs, services and events in Fiskars, showing the integral business elements as a natural part of the experience.

A clear user interface was created for website visitors and those who had already made the decision to visit or were already in Fiskars, to help them plan their visit and enjoy their stay.

The provided information includes driving directions, opening hours, and the locations of the services on maps, mobile platforms and in the village itself.

We also developed Bokun online booking solutions for the Fiskars Village website.For the Fiskars team, we created folders with example documents to support the site map and self-guiding content management, simplifying how new content is created or brought to the website.