Our selected work


Fulvisol is a company that provides product and service information management services. The founders of the company had created the visual look and website themselves, and they did not support their goals and embody their identity. The company’s industry and services are difficult to understand and the industry often speaks to a tricky consulting jargon, so they wanted to communicate in a language that is understood. The company also aims to better serve international audiences, which is why the website was required to be credible.

We designed a new brand identity for the company that encompassed both a visual and a verbal brand identity and strategy. The work continued with building a marketing strategy and supporting the design of various concrete materials with which they implemented the brand for their staff.

The new brand highlighted a staff of captivating people who are the most important tool in their business. The site was made easy to use and the right size for them, as it was also meant to convey the basic message of the company, “We make the confusing clear”.

Said about us
“We thought of the project as a static website, but it opened as a journey inside Fulvisol and got to know ourselves better and our identity. We have learned a lot about our own company. Also, making itself was fun. Really happy with what has been born. ”

“They made us discuss and think about what we were doing and after that we got a very good plain text on it.”

“It took a while to realize how good D&B is. The visual side is absolutely amazing.”