Our selected work


Insplan is a company that provides critical infrastructure expert services. They work on electricity and telecommunications networks, lighting infrastructure and renewable energy by serving municipalities, cities, developers and network owners. Company operates nationwide - they have a dozen fixed and remote locations. Insplan is a growth company that aims to change both its turnover and the number of staff and services.

The company’s brand identity and website had been created when the company was founded in 2015. However, Insplan’s strategy and priorities had changed over the years and were no longer supported by the brand as a whole. Insplan wanted to express brand identity both verbally and visually, e.g. corporate responsibility and investment in renewable energy and a modern and employee-oriented culture. The look also needed an update to this day.

Our collaboration started with a brand project in which we designed a new visual look and verbal brand identity and strategy for Insplan. The work continued with the planning of a marketing strategy, in which the broad guidelines of marketing were mapped out. The co-operation continued with the operational planning and practical implementation of marketing and communications – in practice, this means that we are fully responsible for the company’s marketing and communications operations. We produce for them e.g. references, expert articles, and also we run recruitment campaigns and manage social media channels.