Our selected work

RE/MAX Finland

RE/MAX real estate franchise operates in over one hundred countries, with more than 129,000 agents worldwide. It is one of the largest real estate companies in the world, and also in Finland – RE/MAX Finland consists of 35 offices with 400 agents.

Don & Branco has been RE/MAX Finland’s marketing partner in several different areas. One notable project has been the “Aina vähän enemmän” television campaign, concepted and written by Don & Branco to bring RE/MAX Finland positive visibility and to refresh their brand in a colourful and energetic way.

Our aim with RE/MAX Finland has been to give them a fresh visual look that’s approachable, friendly and distinguishable from the competition. We have also emphasised rational arguments for choosing RE/MAX, focusing on the RE/MAX agents and how they’re ready to go the extra mile with the support of the large international chain.

Our work with RE/MAX Finland covers nearly all types of marketing. We have worked closely with them to define the strategies in branding and marketing in order to concept campaigns and create content that suits their needs.

Our collaboration with RE/MAX Finland has covered advertising in different medias from television and radio to poster and newspaper campaigns, all forms of online marketing as well as brochures and other marketing materials. This work has included a wide range of text, visual, animation and video content. Our digital marketing team has worked closely with RE/MAX Finland to define their social media strategy and find the right type of content to meet the agents’ and customers’ needs. Some of the marketing materials produced by Don & Branco have also been used internationally by RE/MAX offices in other countries.

We also work directly with several RE/MAX offices in Finland as their marketing and branding partner, also managing their web design and development. Our collaboration with RE/MAX has been a comprehensive and successful marketing partnership. Don & Branco is proud to have been an important part in RE/MAX’s growth to become one of the leading real estate companies in Finland.