Our selected work

Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi specializes in financing, debt collection and payment solutions for businesses in several countries over Europe. Through their work, they make sure companies can function effortlessly without undue financial difficulties, either by offering financing solutions or making sure overdue invoices are paid. Through subsidiaries and partnerships Svea Ekonomi is present all over the world.

Debt collection often has a negative image, no matter how professionally it is done. Don & Branco helped Svea Ekonomi find an approach that focuses on the more human way of doing things.

We designed and wrote two television commercials that emphasize the attitude Svea Ekonomi has for its work – the goal of always being respectful, even when it comes to debt collection, but not at the cost of efficiency. The commercials were aimed for entrepreneurs and people in financial management positions. One of the commercials focused on financing and the other on debt collection, showing that Svea Ekonomi is the best partner in both of these areas.

The hockey theme of the commercials came from Svea Ekonomi’s partnership in the movie 95, and they starred Jukka Jalonen, the coach who helped Finland win the IIHF World Championship in 2011 and 2019. The commercials have been used in Svea Ekonomi’s marketing since the 2017 campaign, helping them build a unique and more positive brand in comparison to other companies in financing and debt collection.