Our selected work

Burger Dojo

Burger Dojo is a new kind of restaurant concept that combines authentic flavors, burgers and the anime cartoon world. Our mission was to build a brand identity that would be so recognizable that it could become a franchise chain.


We designed a brand identity for Burger Dojo that shows the customer’s love for anime and the desire to do something completely new. It is based on a personal and strong story that is told in a manga cartoon we made. The logo is based on Asian vertical typography and the repetitive grid graphics in the look are based on Asian graphics derived from the paper walls of Asian buildings, dojos. There was a desire to avoid the traditional Asian white-black-red color scheme, so the color yellow was sought from the posters of kung fu movies. To support the characters in the story, a series of posters were designed about mythical Asian mythical creatures protecting burgers.

The anime is also repeated on the names of the restaurant and burgers we have designed as part of the whole. The restaurant is using self-service vending machine and the actual customer service situation is not formed – the characters in the story were brought into the vending machine to bring personality to the ordering process. We strongly incorporated the brand identity into the interior of the restaurant.

In addition to the brand, we made a website for the restaurant and a social media strategy, which we also implement in practice. Website supposed to stand out and be easy to use, both on mobile and on the terminal. The main part was the company’s product, burgers, and a unique story.