Don & Branco’s process for web services

Don & Branco’s process for web services

In this article, we dive deep into the process of Don & Branco's online services. User-friendly web services are not born in a cave, but on Bulevardi where technology meets creativity.

The journey from code snippets to user-friendly web service is always closer to an all-inclusive vacation than backpacking with us. We take care of everything, so you can sit back and relax while we ensure that your online service is as enjoyable as a five-star hotel. Read below how we build online services in a world-class style.

1. Functional and technical specification

We know our tools, you know your company’s operations and business goals. That’s why we start developing online services by bringing everyone together at one table. In this work phase, we summarize the company’s needs in terms of business or other goals: what should the website or application achieve?

By carefully defining the functions, we avoid implementing unnecessary features and ensure that essential details are not overlooked. You’ll notice the benefits both in your calendar and in your wallet.

In the technical specification phase, we select the software and their add-ons that best fit the project, and specify the order of importance of the functionalities. Then we create a content plan, a wireframe model and a page map of the user interface and content, taking into account search engine optimization and the site’s customer journeys.

Kick-off workshop

Creative Brief
  • core messages
  • competitive advantage
  • company’s story
  • products
  • services
  • goals
Service description
  • wireframes
  • popular pages
  • redirecting needs
  • keywords
  • user personas
  • user journeys
  • message hierarchy

Development workshop

  • structure
  • CTAs
  • directions
  • content needs
Visual baseline
  • moodboard
  • references
  • ideas
Content map
  • URLs
  • keywords
  • titles
  • meta descriptions
  • content needs
  • analytics (SEO)

2. Visual design

Our visual design team then turns the wireframe into a practical implementation that brings the online service to life. We produce the layout always with the actual content, so that all the pieces of the puzzle fall perfectly into place and the project stays on schedule. The prototype of the web service provides a possibility to comment on the actual layout.

Content map and content design

Content map
  • URLs
  • titles
  • H1/H2
  • keywords
  • meta description
Content design
  • roles and responsibilities
  • photography/videos
  • copywriting
  • copies to wireframe

Visual design

  • mobile view
  • desktop view
  • prototypes
  • design system and style card
  • accessibility
  • imagery
  • font licences
  • favicon

3. Technical implementation

During the implementation phase, our technical experts and talented developers take into account all the needs of a modern WordPress website, from mobile scalability to digital marketing and search engine optimization. We do web service implementations mainly with WordPress due to its superior usability. We distribute the finished features to our development server for customer testing and approval.

Technical execution

  • can be started before the layouts are ready
  • functionalities are build based on the approved wireframes
  • system integrations
  • readiness for content import
  • composing the web site based on the approved layouts
  • styles can be seen via Figma/XD prototype

Content import and marketing

Content import
  • content is imported by D&B or customer (according to the contract)
  • analytics, Yoast SEO
  • Tagmanager, Search Console
  • Google MyBusiness
  • linking and monitoring advertising accounts and social media channels
  • retargeting tools
  • social preview image

4. Maintenance services

We believe in the power of prevention when maintaining online services: if risk factors are detected and taken into account in time, they will not cause problems. That’s why we monitor our network implementations and react proactively to any problems. This is how we ensure an enviable user experience for both our partners and their customers.

High availability server environments in Finland and around the world are responsible for the functionality of the websites and services we maintain. All the server systems we use are designed by our own team, always in line with our customers’ needs.

Testing and publishing

  • usability
  • all functionalities
  • different browsers and devices
  • emails
  • robotx-txt
  • links
  • OG tags
  • user roles / rights
  • where the site is published
  • domains + controls
  • SSL installation
  • form testing


  • continuous monitoring
  • quick response
  • fast functionality even with multiple users
  • daily backup
  • updates to publishing system and backend server
  • maintenance and server from the same place makes operating easier

5. Further development

Our customers don’t settle for mediocrity and neither do we. There is always room for improvement in every website and service, and a superior end result is not achieved without active development work. When development is seen as a continuous process instead of a project, the attitude towards it also becomes motivating and engaging.

Superior user experience is the result of seamless cooperation

When the online service is planned from the beginning with the end customer’s needs in mind, an enviable user experience will follow. Our software developers work in close cooperation with visual designers, which guarantees a smooth flow of the project, but above all a solid result.

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