Our selected work


Unemployment Insurance Fund Aaria is an employee fund. You can become a member regardless of the profession or educational background. Aaria already has about 100,000 members and it offers its members friendly and high-quality service and smooth transactions. Important values are service-mindedness, expertise and reliability.

The company's brand identity and online services needed to be renewed when the three unemployment funds merged, and our cooperation was given a new name, Aaria. The new brand naturally longed for a renovated look, a multilingual corporate identity and a fresh
website. The starting idea was to create a clear content structure that serves the target group, as well as a modern user interface with an appealing brand identity.

Our collaboration started with a brand project where, in addition to the visual look, we also created a multilingual brand identity. The WordPress-based online service also started with careful design work, always continuing with practical implementation and maintenance. The result was an easy-to-manage, accessibility-compliant, search engine-optimized, and stylish website that meets modern needs. In addition, as a result of our cooperation, Aaria’s visual identity is a modern, clear and fresh entity that communicates expertise and expresses service in a people-friendly way. In our ongoing collaboration, we do, for example, search engine optimization and analytics, as well as manage social media channels and advertising.