Don & Branco’s recipe for brand work

Don & Branco’s recipe for brand work

In this article, we reveal the recipe for Don & Branco's brand work. Distinctive brands are handmade in Bulevardi, after our strategy mill has first ground out their deepest essence.

Brand identity is like a recipe that determines how the company communicates, what it says and what kind of emotions it evokes. Basically, the brand is the company’s personality, which is communicated externally both visually and verbally. Read below how we build brands that get noticed and remembered.

Brand strategy

A goal without a strategy is just a wish. That’s why our brand work is always based on a solid brand strategy. Put simply, a brand strategy helps a company stand out from its competitors and create more meaningful connections with its customers. In brand strategy, we define the core of the brand, such as vision, mission, values ​​and positioning.

Brand workshop

Branding begins in a workshop with a customer company. We don’t want to start with a completely blank slate so we use background surveys for company’s staff and, if needed, the target audience. In a carefully planned workshop, we dive into the challenges, goals, and desires of your brand through practical exercises. This way, we collaboratively establish the framework for brand strategy as well as verbal and visual identity.

Brand and product names

The name distinguishes the brand from its competitors, creates a first impression and maintains visions – that’s why it is one of the most important decisions made in branding. In the best case, the name becomes a term describing the entire industry or product. With us, you don’t have to struggle with choosing a name alone, but only pick the right one from among outstanding options.

Brand strategy

  • meaning of the brand
  • vision
  • mission
  • values
  • value proposition
  • brand story
  • brand attributes

Verbal identity

Verbal identity is your brand’s shelf of spices, the content of which guides all linguistic choices – how the brand speaks and what it says. Verbal identity not only plays a crucial role in shaping the public image of a company, but it also affects internal communication by influencing how employees talk about themselves and their colleagues. It is included in all brand messages, such as advertisements, bulletins, recruitment and sales materials.

Tone of voice

The brand’s tone of voice includes both the voice and the tone with which the brand speaks. Voice is a permanent characteristic of a brand, consisting of principles that define linguistic choices. Tone, on the other hand, defines the level of tonality when communicating in different situations and channels.

Verbal identity (brand persona)

  • core messages
  • elevator pitch
  • slogan
  • tone of voice

Visual identity

A brand’s visual identity defines how the brand feels and looks. Basically visual identity is the sum of choices based on brand strategy, which make every brand unique. In the visual identity workshop, we focus on these choices together, after which our graphic designers make sure that the essence of the brand is conveyed all the way to the surface.

Visual identity is the sum of choices based on brand strategy, which make every brand unique.


A logo is the visual crystallization of the brand it represents, as if the identity squeezed into one. During the design phase, we always take into account the logo’s usage environments, which set practical restrictions on the logo’s design.


Selecting a color scheme is not just picking colors randomly, but a strategic decision-making process. Color is a powerful element that evokes emotions, and therefore the emotional reactions caused by colors and the symbolism hidden in them must be taken into account when choosing colors.


Typographical choices are a great way to build mental images and create an atmosphere conveyed by texts. Typography is much more than just a typeface, as the text size, distances, indentations, layout and design of the sections also affect the appearance of the text and the message reflected from it.

Visual assets

A unified visual world completes the brand and shows how the brand defines its own world; what subjects are portrayed and how, what atmosphere is conveyed from the tones and what effects are used. Various graphic elements also function as part of the visual assets which can be incorporated into the brand materials, such as packaging, presentations or space planning.

Visual identity

  • logo
  • colors
  • typography
  • slogan
  • graphic elements
  • icons
  • illustrations
  • imagery
  • mockups


  • industry trends
  • positioning
  • target groups
  • customer journey

The brand manual summarizes the essentials

The brand is a comprehensive experience, but at the same time a concrete tool. That’s why we always condense our brand work into a concrete brand manual that brings together the core of the company and all the materials of the brand identity.

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